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The new trends in high decoration are looking for smoothed cement, which is nothing more than an aesthetic variation of traditional Microcement with a smoothed finish and a more homogeneous color.

There is talk of smoothed cement and smoothed Microconcrete, and both products, although similar, are different finishes, the main difference between them is that the smoothed cement looks more like traditional cement and has a smoother finish than Microconcrete.

In our brand, the smoothed cement is CimentArt Nature, a ready-to-use coating, based on synthetic resins, aggregates and selected minerals and water-repellent additives. It is a product of great hardness and elasticity that is applied manually, with steel trowel, both indoors and outdoors.

It is used to achieve a decorative smooth finish, with traditional cement effect, of approximately 2 mm, both in floors and walls or ceilings. You will achieve smoothed, continuous and seamless finishes with your application.

It has a minimum thickness and its adhesion properties can be applied on almost any surface: walls, floors, showers, kitchen countertops or bathrooms, floors, facades, furniture, etc., without debris formation.

Its application is done quickly and easily. It can be applied on an infinity of supports: Plaster board, plaster, paint, cement, ceramic, tile, marble, granite, porcelain, wood, etc.

Available in a wide range of colors, with finishes smoothed in gloss, satin and matt.

Its placement is done quickly and easily, being in most cases a cheaper product than other products in the current market, as it is a product applied only in two joined layers (fresh on fresh system).

Being a Microcement ready to use, it is a clean product when applying, it is not necessary to make any type of mixture, it does not generate any dust, it is very easy to use and 100% waterproof.

Slate Nature Microcement
Albero Nature Microcement
Anthracite Nature Microcement
Sand Nature Microcement
Arctic Blue Nature Microcement
Pale Navy Blue Nature Microcement
Intense Blue Nature Microcement
Navy Blue Nature Microcement
White Nature Microcement
Caramel Nature Microcement
Chocolate Nature Microcement
Tuscany Nature Microcement
Coral Nature Microcement
Jasper Nature Microcement
Lavender Nature Microcement
Lemon Nature Microcement
Mango Nature Microcement
Apple Nature Microcement
Silver Nature Microcement
Steel Nature Microcement
Cherry Nature Microcement
Pale Pink Nature Microcement
Salmon Nature Microcement
Siena Nature Microcement
Pearl Grey Nature Microcement
Terracotta Nature Microcement
Travertine Nature Microcement
Tundra Nature Microcement
Vanilla Nature Microcement
Madeira Green Nature Microcement
Olive Green Nature Microcement
Wine Nature Microcement
Wengue Nature Microcement

The finish of the micro-cement and the resolution of the screen may cause the colors shown to be different when applied.

Our Guarantees

Cimentart states that its Microcement is guaranteed on the following situations, as long as the application norms are being adhered to and the technical data sheets are followed by the book:

  • No cracking guarantee. IT NEVER CRACKS. If at any time, a crack appears on our microcement it will always be that the surface where the microcement was applied has broken or cracked.
  • Guarantee about adherence. We guarantee that our microcement does not peel off or chip from the surface where it has been applied.
  • No discoloration guarantee. We guarantee that our microcement does not have discoloration or changes on its color, as time goes by, even if used in the outdoors.

For more guarantees or consultations click here.

This guarantee does not covers cracking, peeling off or chipping of the surfaces caused by structural movements or building settlements, floods or scratches on the surface.


The methods developed by CimentArt for the application of our microcement have not vary over the time.


Learn more about our products, experts will advise you of the proper surfaces for your project.


We are Microcement producers and we always have a stock of material on our facilities.

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