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CimentArt Guarantees

CimentArt states that its Microcement is guaranteed on the following situations, as long as the application norms are being adhered to and the technical data sheets are followed by the book:

No cracking guarantee

It never cracks. If at any time a crack appears on our microcement it will always be that the surface where the microcement was applied has broken or cracked.

Guarantee about adherence

We guarantee that our microcement does not peel off or chip from the surface where it has been applied.

No discoloration guarantee

We guarantee that our microcement does not have discoloration or changes on its color, as time goes by, even if used in the outdoors.

Scratch resistance and hardness guarantee

We guarantee that the Microcement CimentArt, using our working methods, has resistance to scratches and impacts superior to a varnished wooden floor.

Waterproof Guarantee

We guarantee that our polyurethane varnishes are 100% waterproof and that the system of Aqua Microcement is the first waterproof microcement of the market.

Slippery resistant Guarantee

We guarantee that our systems are slippery resistant, obtaining the C3 Certificate (Maximun level of Slippery resistance) using the Microspheres CimentArt.

See C3 Certificate

Production Guarantee

CimentArt Microcement SL offers a guarantee of one year in all its products provided that the product is close and store in a place without mayor changes of temperature and ventilation.

We request the maximum quality from all our providers and the provided raw materials for our manufacturing have the CE mark.
All of our products are manufactured under the European regulations for cement UNE-EN 197-1:2000.
All of our water based products are BII (nonflammable) and fireproof (Euroclases BFL S1).

In the case of claims and as manufactures, we are committed to change any defective product, as long as the invoice of the purchase is presented with that attached photo of the lot Lumber and the manufacturing date (printed on the sticker label).

Commitment with the environment guarantee

Our products do not contain on their formulations dangerous substances for the health or environment following the Annex II of the regulation CE nº 1907/2006.

On CimentArt Microcement SL we are aware of the necessity of protecting our planet. All of our products are under the allowed emissions (volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, responsible of the ozone on the lower layers of the atmosphere) per the regulations of the European community.

Application Guarantee

The company that performs the application will provide the final guarantee to the client. This guarantees are governed and dictated by the laws of the European Regulations about decorative coating and have a duration of 2 years.

Product transportation Guarantee

Our products are not qualified as dangerous on the subject of transport, per the directive 67/548 CE and the regulation CE 1272/2008.

CimentArt hires external companies and includes with this hiring insurance for each shipment. At the very moment that the product is sent to the client the responsibility of the products goes into the Shopping Company and the final client. Once the products are received on the final client address, the client has the responsibility of verifying that the shipment is in accordance with the invoice and the purchase order made by CimentArt.